The Proto Soccer club was formed in 1982 by six friends Ezio Colle, Guido De Luca, Tony Ferro, Bruno Toffolon, Peter Faley and Vincent Valeri. It was formed to participate in the Hamilton and District Oldtimers Soccer League. By this time the league had evolved beyond the original 4 teams playing with 7 players aside to what may be the largest masters league of it’s kind in North America. Currently 40 teams compete across four divisions.
The Proto name is abbreviated from Dynamic and Proto Circuits Inc. a company developed by Vincent Valeri, one of the club’s founders, chief benefactors and president. Vincent continues his inspired leadership today on the field and in the kitchen.
From it’s humble beginnings with 12 players Proto FC has grown to Four teams with approximately 100 players and members reflecting the diverse cultural elements within the community at large. Events such as the AGM (“Annual Gran Mangiata”) and picnics allow families and friends to converge and indulge in the twin passions of food and soccer. Those who have witnessed “Proto-types” in action often observe that their skills with the soccer ball are often surpassed by their skills with a fork. In addition to local league play, where Proto FC have won league and championship trophies consistently, it has appeared regularly in “masters” competitions in Belleville, Boston, Guelph, Toronto and against Montreal Puglia, Miami South Beach and Las Vegas tournaments. In 1986 Proto FC participated in tournaments in the Italian regions of Umbria and Abruzzo. The club’s interests also extend to charitable and other social activities within the community.